WorldCon Schedule

Here’s my WorldCon schedule, with which I am quite pleased.
Thu Aug 30 6:00:pm To Indie or Not to Indie
Bill Housley, Hugh Howey, Matt Forbeck, Mike Shepherd Moscoe
What are the pros and cons of electronic self-publication? Is it the right choice for you/your project/this moment? What are the options? What factors should you consider when making your decision? What processes are the same or different in electronic self-publication and legacy print publication?
As this could get contentious, I’m glad I’m not moderating. ;o)

Fri Aug 31 9:00:am Acquiring an Agent
Bryce Moore, Courtney Schafer, Joshua Bilmes
Aspiring authors talk about landing an agent for their manuscript.
I’m moderating here. After e-mailing with the others, I agree that the guests attending this panel are likely more interested in how they can land an agent rather than how we did. Mr. Bilmes called this a ‘prescriptive’ panel, which I think is correct.

Fri Aug 31 3:00:pm Broad Universe Rapid-Fire Reading
Members of the Broad Universe organization read short excepts from current works.
I’m going to be reading the first part of “Fleurs du Mal” which will be reprinted in The Best of BCS, Year 3 this fall.

Sat Sep 1 9:00:am So You Wanna Be A Writer
Allen M. Steele, Betsy Dornbusch, Eldon Thompson, Jason Hough
Join experienced pros and up-and-coming professionals to talk about the business of writing and publishing. How did they get their start? What advice do they have for newcomers? What’s a realistic view of your career arc? How is it best to start–novels or short stories? Hear answers to these questions and many more.
I will miss the Codex Breakfast for this, so I hope it goes well. I guess I’m one of the ‘up and coming’ which sounds really cool…

Sun Sep 2 6:00:pm Face to Face Critique Writing Groups
David Boop, Gene Wolfe, Martha Wells, Sue Burke
Discuss the pro and cons of face to face writing groups and how working with your peers will help your writing.
I’m moderating this, and just hope it doesn’t get messy! I will do my best to keep a firm grip on the reins. Not sure exactly what we’ll cover yet, but I’m working on an outline ;o)

I did not ask for a reading or a signing. I’m usually happy with the BU reading. (I figure next fall I have to start doing one-person readings, which is soon enough, IMHO.)

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