Publication Process: Doing It

A couple of years ago at FenCon, I was on a panel titled something like, I’ve got a Great Idea, now how do I write a Book? The panelists talked about outlining or not, researching or not, but we reached an impasse at one point when we got to the actual writing. The audience kept asking, How do you do that?

As panelists, we were baffled. We kept answering You sit down and write.

We did discuss whether you write one end to the other (my preference) or scenes here and there and then fill in the spaces in between. But basically you carve out some time, apply your butt to the chair, and apply the fingers to the keyboard. Then you polish, critique, submit, and hopefully publish.

It was the Sit Down and Write directive that seemed to confuse our audience, and we couldn’t seem to break it down any smaller than that. (This reminds me of my difficulties teaching simple mathematics…fractions are kinda hard to explain when you regularly teach Calculus.)

This is, however, one of the spots that’s really important in the process.

A friend (who was tired at the moment) recently commented that she’d like to have a machine that could immediately take the ideas out of her head and put them into her computer. My reply to that was that when that happens, we’ll be out of a job. There are too many people out there with Great Ideas.

We’re only paid for writing because we actually a)sit down, b)pound them out and c)submit.

So for nascent writers out there, all I can say is…just do it. I can’t explain the ‘how do I write?’ any more simply than that.

Any idea how one -would- explain it?

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