Writerly Weekend

I didn’t do too much writing this weekend. But I have been thinking hard about writing, which is comparatively rather important. I’ve explained to my husband before that if I’m lying on my back staring up at the ceiling….I am actually working.

I think there are a lot of things that writers do that aren’t actually ‘writing.’ Research and reading are a given. Promotion is important to some, not so much to others (Stephen King doesn’t need to promote the same way that I do). Promotion’s a broad category, that includes stuff like attending cons all the way down to handing out business cards.

Some of us include blogging under that heading. Lucienne Diver (my wonderful agent) had a great post about this last week entitled “Mandated Extroversion”. I especially appreciated the title of this one, since the Extroversion that one must show on the internet is not often the case in reality.

I’ve been considering the advice that she gives, and thinking about setting up a ‘schedule’. I’ve been looking at my blogs (did you know I have five?*) and trying to figure out how to get them in shape by the time I have a novel out. And I’ve been looking for topics on which I can blog regularly…other than the dogs.

As a writer, what are some of the topics I feel like I can handle without boring your socks off? How do these sound?

–Historical Research and Fudgery
–Writer Process
–Publication Process
–Romance in SpecFic

But what else is there that could be a weekly category? Any ideas???

*Two LJs (j-cheney and jkathleencheney), a Blogger, a Dreamwidth, and my WordPress (which is my primary ‘professional’ blog and web-page, and hooks to my Amazon author page).

(There’s also FB, Twitter (@jkcheney), Flikr, Pinterest, and Instagram. When I first joined Klout, they thought I was pretty lame….until I hooked up all my on-line identities. Now I’m a “specialist”.)

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