It’s official now…

Publisher’s Weekly just ran the announcement about my book deal:

OF AMBERGRIS, BLOOD, AND BRANDY a novel of fantasy, suspense, and romance in an alternate turn-of-the-century Portugal in which races of shape-shifters live in secret, and a fantastical underwater work of art and a psychopathic killer become tangled in a string of murders that threaten the stability of the entire nation to Kat Sherbo of Ace, by Lucienne Diver of The Knight Agency.*

I’m really excited about this!!!! I think the editor I’ll be working with is going to be a great match for me, and I’m actually looking forward to working on the edits (feel free to remind me of that come July).

None of this would have happened without the guidance and hard work of my awesome agent, Lucienne Diver. She was my dream agent, and the only one to whom I ever sent these novels. I’m truly lucky she said yes, despite the fact that I sent her novel 2 first**…

The first novel “Of Ambergris, Blood, and Brandy” is tentatively scheduled to come out Fall 2013, with “The Seat of Magic” to follow the next year.

Now I’m gonna go bounce around the kitchen and squee…

*This is actually the version that my agent, my editor, and I agreed upon. The version that PW ran was about 10 words shorter….but seriously, it’s hard to get all that into 140 characters!

**That’s a story for another day.

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