Y is for Yun-qi

In the dragon stories (link to “The Dragon’s Child” on the Publications page), Yun-qi is the son of a rather nasty wizard, a man who uses his abilities for evil. Among other things, he tortures Yun-qi’s mother to force Yun-qi’s capitulation. So Yun-qi, despite the fact that he has inherited some impressive powers, swears never to use them. And he doesn’t, even in the face of some pretty serious trouble. Instead, after he and his mother escape the wizard’s mountain, he becomes a bodyguard to the Emperor.

However when he learns that the wizard has fathered another child, Yun-qi decides to rescue the young girl before their father can destroy her…yeah, he’s that kind of guy. Unfortunately his father recognizes him.

(No picture, since it would just be a pic of Chow Yun Fat.)

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