S is for Sirien

Oh, yeah…I was supposed to post today. Hah! No one reads LJ on Saturday anyway.

In the whole Jenear setting, I’ve got 4 primary families that the ‘saga’ follows: The Dantreons, the Farriers, The Sevireiyas and the Revasiens. 3 of the 4 families are close descendants Arras (back on A day) so they’re distant cousins.

Sirien Revasien is involved in almost every story set in that country. His sister was the king’s mistress, and he winds up coming to the capital to raise her two sons. He joins the Guard, where the marshals quickly realize he’s far more than he seems. Not only is he very intelligent, he’s also a very profound seer…a really valuable person to have in the military.

Since he’s got his own book outlined, there’s a lot more to him than that….but I’ll leave it there today.

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