R is for Rhianyes

Yeah, so it’s Emmy Rossum, but I didn’t know who she was when I cut this picture out…

Rhianyes is the POV character from the very first story I had published (back on Valentine’s Day 2006), The Stains of the Past. She’s a former prostitute courtesan who’s left that life to become a nurse. The reason for that? She met a man who reminded her that she’d never wanted that sort of life for herself.

They’re a pair of weird ducks, both gifted. When she touches someone, she knows what sort of person they are. He’s got it rather worse, as he picks up other people’s memories–all of them. The mental overload usually makes him pass out. So he’s very very careful about whom and what he touches, and if you think about it, a prostitute courtesan has a lot of unsavory memories haging around…

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