P is for Patrick

Source, an article about the kid pictured, who painted the picture shown.
(BTW, finding good pictures of kids is even harder than finding pics of men.)

So yes, I used this for Patrick O’Donnell, who is 2 in “Snow Comes to Hawk’s Folly” and is a bit of a tiny whirlwind, and ends up being kidnapped. He’s 3 by the time we get to “Snowfall”, where the paint makes an appearance as well. ;o)

Like his dad and mom, though, Patrick is a horse person. I’ve got plans to eventually write a novel involving him set in 1933, when he would be much older. I’ve got an outline for that, but I’d need to do a lot of research on 1933 Saratoga Springs first, so it won’t be for a while…

Older Patrick:

Source: Eddie Bauer catalog

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