M is for Miko

Source: A clothing catalog, probably more than a decade old.
Miko remains one of my favorite characters, the hero of “Dreaming Death”. He’s got a rather peculiar talent, in that he dreams about other people’s deaths. It’s a bizarre twist on his family’s traditional foresight. Normally they dream about their own futures, but for him the ability to do so twisted into dreaming about the death of people whose deaths he would later end up investigating. Did you follow that? He is dreaming about his own future, but indirectly.

The worst part of this is that it’s getting worse. Every death become more intense for him, so that by the time of the novel’s start he’s showing stigmata that mimic the injuries of the victims, and hints of how they died. For a drowning victim, he suffers trouble breathing for a day or so. He’s been hiding this from his sponsors in the Fortress, but he’s getting worried that sooner or later, in one of his dreams, he’s simply going to join the victim in death and never wake up.

This is a story I really do hope gets published eventually, although right now I’m not promoting this novel (the ones I’m shopping are unrelated.) People who’ve read this tell me it’s their favorite…even my mom. ;o)

4 thoughts on “M is for Miko

    1. Thanks, Laura ;o) Yes, the book is only on the back burners for now, not in the trunk…

      A happy weekend to you, too.

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