L is for Li-huan

The backstory for the whole dragon series got complicated. For Yun-qi to be a child of the wizard, that meant he had to have escaped before the wizard subsumed him. His mother had help getting him off the mountain, the wizard’s own bodyguard…and since Rahime (a Tatar clan-chieftain’s daughter) was travelling with the man, they eventually married. And that’s where we get Yun-qi’s two half-brothers, Li-po and Li-huan. So they are half Manchurian and half Turkic.

First of all, finding good pictures of male characters is difficult, so a lot of the time I use something that’s close. He’s of mixed blood, one of the reasons the matchmaker is willing to pawn off Lili on him in “Early Winter, Near Jen-li Village”, but that makes it even harder. So here’s the best pic I could find:

First of all…I know there’s no way Li-huan wears a cowboy hat. Again, I’m not looking at the clothes in these. But this is the one I ended up using. I actually tried Photoshopping out the hat, BTW, which I’m just not patient enough to do well (and create hair to go in its place).

Li-huan is a nice guy, really patient with his first wife in “Early Winter, Near Jen-li Village”. His second appearance in “The Eretik” shows him four years later than the first story, a bit more jaded, but still a romantic at heart. Yep, that’s Li-huan.

The addition of Kseniya to the Zheng household gives us a home in extreme northern China with four racial groups (because Bao-yu is Han) and three religions. So the backstory is…..complicated. (The house is actually Yun-qi’s, and they’re all related through him.)

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