J is for Jia-li

It’s an ad I think. Sorry for the low quality, but my scanner hates light backgrounds.

This is one of the rare pics that prompted a story rather than being assigned after the fact. I pulled a couple of pics from the same magazine, and together they ended up triggering the whole Dragon series of stories. (“The Dragon’s Child”, “Early Winter, Near Jen-li Village”, “The Eretik”, and the forthcoming “The Dragon’s Pearl”)

Jia-li is, as you can see from her pic, a child of mixed descent (ended up being half Han, half Rus). And clearly, she’s got powers…she’s the daughter of a powerful wizard (Jiang-long), gotten on a captured Russian princess.

The moment I saw that pic, I knew it was special ;o) (I’ll post the other tomorrow, for Kseniya Ilyevna)

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