I is for Imogen

Who else did you think I would put here? I do have other I characters. I was a bit surprised to discover how many. Idiris Dantreon would be fun, since she appears both as a little girl and as an adult. Isabel Amaral from “Of Ambergris, Blood, and Brandy” is attractive, beautiful, and charismatic, but she doesn’t get much ‘screen time’ for a certain reason. Ivanka Lebedev, from “The Eretik”…?

But hands down, Imogen Hawkes O’Donnell leads the race* for I characters.

The difficult part was finding a picture of a young woman with white hair (but dark eyes and eyebrows). Actually, I didn’t. This is where my big files of picture turned up a ‘two off’, not just a one off. When I’m hunting a character pic, I know they’re not going to be perfect matches. Since I work in period, the clothes are never right. The hair is never right.

So this is what I ended up with:

Definitely from an old catalog, no idea which one.

I chose this picture more for the expression on her face than anything else. Yes, her clothes and hair are all wrong for 1905, but she looks determined and a bit distant, and the books shelves behind her make this seem like it could be her office at the farm. Imogen isn’t supposed to be that pretty, though. Live with it…

Imogen starts off “Iron Shoes” at 26, and is about 30 by the time we get to “Snowfall”. I could have photoshopped this to make her hair white, but I’m just not that eager to change things. So I let the pic stand as is.

So before you pick a character with white hair, just remember that photos of white haired young folk are difficult to find. (I had this trouble with Finn as well, BTW. The ‘picture of him’ that I have is also not white-headed.)

Oddly, I have a GREAT picture for The Lady of the Snow that I’ll share on Q day. WITH WHITE HAIR.

2 thoughts on “I is for Imogen

  1. I’ve been seeing some other character posts like this. I couldn’t do it because I don’t have enough characters to work with and certainly not enough to cover the letters of the alphabet.

    A Few Words
    An A to Z Co-host blog

    1. Thanks, Lee ;o) I’ve got a ton of characters, although only about half of the one’s I’ve done so far are in -published- works. If I were just looking at Published Characters, I would be in trouble ;o)

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