H is for Heri

Pic source: Magazine article, but I can’t remember which women’s fashion mag this came from, but it’s several years old. It might actually have been one of the actor’s publicity shots. I don’t recall his name, but he was on Entourage (which I’ve never seen).

So if I’m not really familiar with this actor, why this picture? Well, it’s the wild hair and the orange shirt.

Heri is the nephew of Cody from C day and the grandson of Arras from A day. Most locals actually think he’s Cody’s brother, though. It’s easier than explaining the truth. He inherited his mother’s appearance, which is why he looks nothing like Cody.

Heri is kind. He tends to put everyone else ahead of himself, and that’s the explanation behind the orange shirt. Heri wears the world’s ugliest shirts because once the town’s general store received a shipment of truly unattractive shirts, and to save them from taking a bath on the shipment, Heri purchased all that didn’t sell, professing a love for garish plaids. So therefore he’s often seen sporting some of the countryside’s most hideous shirts….

Heri is also a Shifter like his Grandfather (and father), but he doesn’t ever shift his appearance (unless it’s to help Cody out). He likes who he is. He sees no reason to change that. He makes intricately carved furniture for a living, the sort that’s sold in very exclusive shops in the provincial capital, for far more than the average town dweller makes in a year, but very few realize that he has money. He’s also a part-time forestry agent for the province, watching over the northern timber ranges to make certain illegal cutting isn’t going on.

All of this makes him a rather odd hero in that he has very little angst going on. He is dealing with the psychological aftermath of a brutal attack that nearly killed him, but he’s determined to bury it in the past. That is, btw, where his ability to Shift comes in: he hides the scars…

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