G is for Guaire

In the third “Hawk’s Folly” novella, “Snowfall”, I actually use the transliterated version of this name, Gorey. The POV character is a native Spanish speaker and therefore thinks as that name being spelled far more like it would sound. But that’s also the way the Irish town of Guaire is often spelled on maps. Sometimes you’ll see the Irish version in parentheses, or vice-versa.

This isn’t a great picture for Guaire, BTW, but it was the best I could find. I’ve been collecting pics from catalogs and magazines for decades, but pictures of men are far harder to find than pictures of women. It’s not unusual to find a catalog where all the women’s garments are shown on models, and almost NONE of the men’s are. They’re shown folded, hanging, or disembodied. Also, you’ll find male models cut off at the neck. So my files of guy pics are far thinner than my files of gal pics. This one dates back to the early nineties, I think. So it’s not great, but it serves my purpose well enough…

And about Guaire/Gorey, the character? I can’t tell you too much without giving things away, but he is a nice guy, always willing to help (which gets him in lots of trouble with Finn), good-tempered, and not vengeful. There…that’s what you need to know. I’ve finished with the stories set in the first decade of the century, but may revisit this setting in 1933, in a novel, which I’ll mention when I get to P.

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