E is for Ellis

E is for Ellis Dantreon

Photo Source: Either Architectural Digest or Victoria Magazine, I can’t recall which.

The first novel I wote (back when I decided I wanted to tackle this ‘publication’ thing) revolved around Ellis Dantreon, a girl who has spent the last decade living out in a country house with only a handful of servants and guardsmen. Ellis is, sadly enough, the king’s daughter, but the king is….how do they put this on BBT?…bat-crap crazy.

When she’s about to turn fifteen, her father makes a decision. Ellis is to attend the War College. There are a few issues with this, which of course make no difference to the king: 1) Ellis is a girl, despite having been given a boy’s name, and the Guard doesn’t allow women, 2) She’s underaged anyway, as the minimum age for a Guardsman is 17, and 3) Oh yes, the War College has been closed for decades.

But the FieldMarshals aren’t going to pass up this chance to reopen it and hastily put together a batch of young potential officers, a handful of lecturers, and pack them all off to the country estate where Ellis has been living. And discover that no one has told Ellis about this decision, either.

She’s a strange girl, studious and withdrawn. But she’s willing to try…

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