C is for Cody

C is for Cody Sandeven

Photo Source: Yet another magazine ad, I think from GQ, well more than a decade ago.
(Yes, I subscribed to GQ for years when I was a menswear buyer.)

I thought this pic was perfect for Cody Sandeven because he looks rather legalistic, starchy, and impatient. Cody is the male protagonist of The Devil in the Details. He’s the son of Arras (from a couple of days ago) and a human woman. As such, he’s got traits from both Shifters and humans, and stands a decent chance of being sterile. He’s got an overdeveloped sense of smell, a good head for numbers (he’s very fond of Statistics), but no particular ‘gift’.

His passion? Genealogy. He’s determined to compile as thorough a geneaology of the Menhirre people as possible, along with studying how Shifter bloodlines differentiate them from other ‘human’ peoples. He studied Divergent Anthropology at the University in Jenesetta, and has continued his father’s collection of primary sources for that information. He therefore (secretly) owns one of the largest libraries of his people’s original texts: journals, church records, and anything else that might have a snippet of births, deaths, or marriages.

Cody has also reached the age (45, but he appears 30 or so) where he’s starting to look older than his very vexing father. Awkward. (I wrote this a long time before I ever saw any Torchwood, so it was interesting to see how this was handled there.)

Of the romances in this planned series of books, this is the ‘easy’ one. Putting Cody with Kirien is obvious to everyone but the two of them. No, it’s obvious to them as well, it’s just not what either of them had planned.

4 thoughts on “C is for Cody

  1. Cody looks COOL. You didn’t say if this is a book you’re writing or if it’s something you’ve read. Love the concept of super-human hearing. My writing partner and I have given our character Trevly the same gift.

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