A is for Arras

Just a bit of explanation first: I’m participating in the A-Z April Challenge. That means for most days in April, I will be posting on a theme, moving through the alphabet as I go. Last time I looked, over 1500 people were participating, and if you click on my sidebar, you can go to the listing of participating blogs.

My chosen theme is My Characters. So it’s rather like I’m talking about myself, even if I’m not. How can I not enjoy that? Since today is the first day, I’m starting off with A.

A is for Arras Arnacassan (unpublished)

Photo Source? Magazine ad, (probably “Cowboys and Indians”)

What can I tell you about Arras? Well, first he’s old and has gone by a lot of names in his history: The Old Man of the Mountains, Grandfather, The Young Lieutenant, along with dozens of aliases. He’s appeared in almost everything I’ve written in the Jenear setting, which is a rather sad amount since none of that is published (I’ve put the three novels on the back burner, since I believe they need to be restructured). The one story I’ve had published from that setting? Yep, that didn’t include him. Go figure.

He’s had, through the years, dozens of children, meaning that his bloodlines are widely dispersed throughout his people. So when Kirien meets Cody in The Devil in the Details, despite the fact that he appears near her in age, he’s actually her great-great?-uncle. (His father is her great-great-grandmother.)

Yes, I said that last part correctly. Arras isn’t human, even though he can pass for one. And he can change gender (a certain percentage of his people can). Explaining all of this would take far more than 500 words, and I would seriously bore people along the way. But that’s one of the most important things to know about Arras. Should the situation call for it, he can become female. So Arras serves as a huge monkey-wrench in the geneology of his people. Which makes him a lot of fun…or her.

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