ArmadilloCon Schedule

Here’s my schedule for next week’s convention in Austin!

Friday 9 PM
The Ascendance of Female Writers in 2011: Why They Dominated Award Ballots
J. Cheney, M. Dimond, B. Hale, J. McDermott, M. Muenzler, N. Moore*
Female writers had not been getting a lot Hugo and Nebula nominations over the last decade or so. This year they received most of the nominations for major awards. What are new and veteran female authors doing now that’s generating so much attention?

Saturday 3 PM
Broad Universe Reading
J. Cheney, M. Fletcher, P. Jones, A. Latner, N. Moore*, G. Oliver, C. Rambo, J. Reisman, J. Vanderhooft

Saturday 6 PM
Paranormal Romance
G. Andrews, I. Andrews, J. Cheney*, R. Clement-Moore, J. Kenner, T. Mallory
A look at women who love vampires and werewolves, and the authors who tell their stories.

Sunday 11 AM
Guns in SF/F
J. Cheney*, C. Mills, J. Perez, L. Person, A. Simmons
Discussing sf stories a weapons enthusiast would love.

Hope to see lots of readers there!

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