Featured Author for July

Every month, AnthologyBuilder features several authors and offers a dollar off if you add a stories by one of those authors to your personalized Anthology. (So the price drops from 14.95 to 13.95 for up to 350 pages of awesome fiction you pick yourself!)

And I’m pleased to be among that number this month!

I have two stories up for sale at AnthologyBuilder:
“The Stains of the Past” is my first published story (Feb. 2006), set in the same ‘universe’ as several of my other works including my WIP. (In fact, one of the characters in Devil in the Details is the granddaughter of two of the characters in this story.) It’s a speculative fiction romance, and is the story of mine that was cited in an article on an academic blog. (I still find that incredibly bizarre.)

“A Hand for Each” was first published in the Shimmer Pirate Issue (November 2007). The polar opposite of the first offering, it’s a sea-faring horror story styled on the writings of Richard Dana (Two Years Before the Mast).*

So, if you’re looking for something to read this summer, AnthologyBuilder is the place to check out. And if you buy something of mine, you could save some money as well! (which everyone knows I like)

*I like to think of this as a ‘guy’ story.

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