Welcome to My Serial Site!

I have a new website! (where you’ll find my published work.)

This site is now primarily used for my serial work.

The King’s Daughter is open to all readers, and I usually post a bit of that each week.

The Truth Undiscovered is for my Patreon patrons, and is thus password protected.

(Also, although I won’t have time to serialize it all, the first chapters of In Dreaming Bound, the sequel to Dreaming Death, are up at my Patreon site, marked public so anyone can read them. )

Links to My Fiction:

(Click on the title for more information about that book. List of short fiction at bottom of page.)

The Golden City Series:

The Golden City

The Seat of Magic

The Shores of Spain

The Seer’s Choice

After the War


Palace of Dreams World:


Dreaming Death  and  Shared Dreams

The Horn: Oathbreaker, Original, and Overseer

 and coming 2018,

In Dreaming Bound


Other Works:

Iron Shoes: Three Tales from Hawk’s Folly Farm

The Dragon’s Child: Six Short Stories

The Sparrow in Hiding

Whatever Else

Fleurs du Mal

A Hand for Each

The Stains of the Past


Short Fiction

The Nature of Demons, Heroic Fantasy Quarterly, August, ’13

Of Ambergris, Blood, and Brandy, in Abyss & Apex, January ’11.

Fleurs du Mal available in Beneath Ceaseless Skies, November ’10.

Snow Comes to Hawk’s Folly, Panverse Two September ’10.

Iron Shoes, Alembical 2, June ’10.

Afterimage, Jim Baen’s Universe, April ’10.

Early Winter, Near Jenli Village, Fantasy Magazine, April ’09.

The Dragon’s Child, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, December’08

The Bear Girl, Wolfsongs, Volume 1, December ’08.
Taking a Mile, Writers of the Future XXIV, Fall ’08

Masks of War, Fantasy Magazine, July ’07.

Touching the Dead, Jim Baen’s Universe, June ’07
Now available free here.
A Hand for Each, Shimmer Pirate Issue, November ’07
Now available free here.

The Stains of the Past, The Sword Review, Feb ’06
-Now available free here.